Wine Accessories

There are about 400 species of oak, though only about 20 are used in making oak barrels. The average age of a French oak tree harvested for use in wine barrels is 170 years!.

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Wine Pairing

Are chocolate and wine natural matches? It is a vexatious question that prompts debate between avid fans and detractors. A match made in Heaven?

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Exclusive Wines

Famous auction house would sell one bottle of wine for £105,000, or $160,000, or R1,280,000 the owner might have held back a bottle or two to enrich his future heirs.

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Specialised Wine Pairing

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Inah Super Grape Juice

Inah Superior Grape Juices offers an
alternative to wine. It is a prestigious in taste,
as it is in appearance, being the perfect
addition to any dinner table or reception.