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Raising Funds for Reach for a Dream

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Why are we doing it...
We made a decision a few years ago to get off our butts & start living LIFE..

Being in the restaurant industry and working long hours it is easy to fall into the comforts of your home & spend your time watching TV & sitting around after work. We felt that life is short and while we can contribute towards making someone else’s life a bit easier (even if it is only for a day) we are going to.

Years ago Leon was unfortunate to lose a daughter, Chantelle, to cancer. At the age of 9 she was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer and the doctors informed Chantelle she was living on borrowed time.

The Reach For A Dream Foundation  contacted us (all volunteers who donate their time to help others, especially children with life threatening diseases & make their dreams come true).  Chantelle & the family were taken to Disney World and Reach for a Dream made it a wonderful last holiday.
Now, years down the line we are in a position to give something back & we decided to embark on a mountaineering expedition once a year as a fundraising project raising funds for Reach for a Dream in honour of Chantelle. We are appealing to everyone willing to contribute toward making some dreams come true.

We are financing our expeditions ourselves and ask only for contributions to Reach for a Dream, or to join us on our quest to raise funds.
We have already crossed off our list:

  1. 1. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (January 2012)
  1. 2. Mount Elbrus in Russia (Highest peak in Europe)  

We were lucky enough to climb Mt Elbrus in Russia in July 2013 and raised a staggering R130 620.00 for Reach for a Dream

  1. 3. Salkantay & Machu Picchu in Peru (April 2014)

In April 2014 we travelled to Peru in South America. We trekked to Machu Picchu via the Salkantay route & afterwards spent a week at Otorono Expeditions on the flooded Amazon river.
Although we didn’t have a shop as a base to work from in 2014, we still managed to raise an amount of R129 009.40 thanks to a lot of generous hearts out there.

mt-elbrus mt-elbrus1 muchu pichhu

More Info: 013 658 6123

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